Suicide prevention and the importance of connection

September 14, 2020

Loss and bereavement are complex subjects, but death by suicide is an aspect that challenges us all to the core. In this unprecedented time, staying connected has never been more important to keeping us safe and in preventing people from taking their own lives.

The Suicide Prevention Transformation Projects (SPTPs)

September 8, 2020

Stakeholders often referred to ‘building’ a framework, and ‘building layers of support’ so the ‘building’ analogy was born. We have strong foundations as a (global, national, and local) ‘zero suicide community’, taking both top-down leadership approaches (eg what can government do, and what do we want government to do?) and ground-up leadership (what can we do, in many cases independent of government?). We then identified and developed four key layers to help us build strong sustainable infrastructure, purpose-designed to save lives.

Evaluation of the Scottish safeTALK Pilot

September 4, 2020

Conducted by professionals from the Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health, this study focused on the use of safeTALK within mental health, physical health, education, law enforcement and corrections. The study found: high levels of satisfaction and increased skills & increased confidence to intervene with someone at risk for suicide.

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