How are we achieving this aim?

Our suicide prevention, intervention and postvention services, as well as mental health and wellbeing services for children and young people, are designed for those who parent, school or support children and young people as well as the young people themselves.

We work in collaboration across all sectors and, in particular, with Community Youth Clubs, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Further & Higher Education, workplaces, and the broader community too. Together, we develop our collective responsibility towards any child or young person with thoughts of suicide and mental health issues.

We wish to:
* Increase suicide intervention knowledge and skills
* Increase mental wellbeing and support mental ill health issues
* Establish safety contacts
* Provide streamlined referral pathways to a network of connected local community support and National Health Services
* Create a "young people ambassador" programme
* Create a network of trained ambassadors, responders and supporters to help those with their mental health and thoughts of suicide

How can we support you or your young people?

Please contact us to see how we can support you individually or within your organisation with our range of services.

By supporting our children and young people, it is hoped that we will create resilient children and young people who will progress into adulthood with the tools to support their mental wellbeing and suicide prevention.

Through collaborations with a range of individuals and organisations, we can offer our various services: on the telephone, via face to face sessions, and using online training methods. Please contact us to discuss your needs further.

The broad themes we focus on are:
* Briefings
* Courses
* Suicide safer Schools, Colleges, Universties and workplaces
* Community settings, social clubs, sport clubs & associations
* “Ask For Jake” theme
* Digital and normal Arts & Technology  
* Landbase learning
* Self Harm initiatives
* Circlewise supported by Circleways  
* Compassion circles, care spaces

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