Suicide First Aiders - Suicide Prevention in the Community

We are looking to train in excess 500+ community volunteers across Devon and beyond in a range of suicide prevention courses and interventions. When added to other people who have been trained by other trainers and organisations outside Devon, we will have towards 1000+ people in Devon alone.

The model can work in any local authority in the UK and internationally too. Our aim is to see all Suicide First Aiders linked together through a supportive network, joining the 300+ people already trained in Devon.

See also our Map of Hope which has links with SW AHSN Models of Care and the GP Primary Care Networks.

Respite Sanctuary

Inspired by Mark Anthony who lost a friend to suicide, and sensing the need to be of service to people with thoughts of Suicide and those bereaved by suicide, together with a group of Trustees, Chukes founded Goodwill In Action To Prevent Suicide CIO.

We wish to collaborate to create spaces where people in crisis and not can feel safe and be listened to both residential and non-residential.

Triangles of Support for Self Harm, Mental Health & Suicide

When young people are at risk with thoughts of suicide and their families invariably struggle, often unaware of where to find help and support or even how to ask for it.

The support triangles idea is to create an informal network of young people, parents and caregivers, supported by a team of volunteers, who can give mutual support to each other over the telephone and digital media platforms. Our aim is to develop a supportive network across Devon in collaboration with others.

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